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A Telematic TragicomedyCoombe Hill or High Water
Telepresence StageTelematic Quarantine
Pandemic EncountersOut of sight, out of mind
Virtually No Exit(tele)consequences
Screen MachinePeoples Screen
3x4Screen test
Occupy the ScreenMirror on the Screen
Neural String NetworkAll the world's a screen
Shang-poolGloNet Front Room
Urban PicnicUrban Intersections
Picnic on the ScreenAvatarium
They Live in Second LifePeace Games
Liberate Your AvatarThe SYLGRUT Centre
Dissociative IdentityTeleporter Zone
UnheimlichAt home with Jacques Lacan
Peace TalksThere's No Simulation Like Home
A Body of WaterThe Tables Turned
Heaven Encounter
Telematic VisionThe Telematic Seance
Telematic DreamingThink about the people now
Texts Bombs & VideotapeThe Globe Show
Earth SignalsEchoes of Ambiguity
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