A MaNet Action Research Project

This project brings the resources and expertise of three partner MaNet Institutions together; Liverpool ICDC, Folly Lancaster and Salford University, to undertake collaborative research into the possible assimilation of, and between, virtual online communities and the built and human environment. This is a mixed realities research project that will address the current virtual community developments and needs such as Second Life. The three partner investigators will establish a networked Second Life environment in the North West to make feasibility test and prototype practice based research experiments between the Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester triangle.

Recent Projects:

This is a speculative research project and each member has taken a specific area of interests as an individual starting point that concerns the umbrella research question. It is envisaged that these research strands will meet at a point of convergence towards the middle of the project that will be manifested in a number of possible outcomes and new directions, that will include practical applications as well as future research funding.

Peter Appleton - Reader in Creative Technology
International Centre for Digital Content
Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Digital
Faraday House, Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 9NW

Taylor Nuttall - Chief Executive
folly, 6.4.4 Alston House,
White Cross, Lancaster, LA1 4XQ

Paul Sermon - Professor of Creative Technology
The University of Salford, Research Centre for Art & Design
Centenary Building, Peru Street, Salford
Greater Manchester, M3 6EQ