The Reset: Mar Menor Lab residency programme and workshop: Imaginary laboratory for a landscape in crisis was convened by the University of Murcia and directed by Clara Boj and Diego Díaz. The residency itself took place directly on the shores of the 170 km² Mar Menor saltwater lagoon and the La Manga, a 21 km long and 100 metre wide strip of tourist resorts separating the Mar Menor from the Mediterranean sea, on the south east coast of Spain, from 10 to 21 September 2018. The aim of the residency was to investigate, discuss and respond to the anthropocene effects on this deteriorating natural landscape. This was explored through the team’s observations and experiences of the Mar Menor, captured through a range of unique 360° video recordings. The material was generated through an intensive stage of data gathering using 360° video techniques, including underwater filming in the lagoon and drone controlled aerial recordings as well as spatial audio recordings, generated through interviews, conversations, observation and reflective methods of research - with the aim to build a unique picture of the Mar Menor’s memories, histories, tragedies, myths, aspirations, regrets and possible futures.


Directors of the Reset: Mar Menor Lab - Clara Boj and Diego Díaz
Mar Menor Lab Residency Photographs by Julio Daniel Suárez Espinosa
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