This installation has been developed by a team of three artists based in Brighton (United Kingdom) who took part in the Reset: Mar Menor Lab residency programme in September 2018 on the Mar Menor in Spain. Each member of the team contributed specific experience and knowledge of 360° video to undertake the research and create a unique understanding and manifestation of the changing ecosystem of the Mar Menor. This collaboration included Paul Sermon, who is currently working on collocated telematic experiences in 360° live video environments, Charlotte Gould, who is developing immersive 360° animated augmented reality and Jeremiah Ambrose who is working on gaze controlled navigation through 360° video narratives.

Paul Sermon

Since the early 90s Paul Sermon’s practice in the field of contemporary media art has centred on a unique use of videoconferencing and live video in artistic telepresence installations and performance. Paul Sermon is Professor of Visual Communication in the School of Art at the University of Brighton.

Charlotte Gould

Through her practice Dr Charlotte Gould explores the potential for open interactive installations in digitally mediated public spaces, exploring agency, interactivity, immersion, AR and 360° environments. Dr Charlotte Gould is Deputy Head of School in the School of Art at the University of Brighton.

Jeremiah Ambrose

Recently completing his PhD at the University of Brighton, Dr Jeremiah Ambrose’s current research explores the creation of interactive narratives in 360° film. Dr Jeremiah Ambrose is a Lecturer in Film and Digital Art in the School of Fine Art and Photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.