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Unheimlich is a cutting-edge telematic performance that takes Freud’s notion of the uncanny as ‘unheimlich’ (at once familiar, homelike, but also strange, alien and uncomfortable) as its starting point. It is a collaboration between four leading digital arts and performance practitioners, and performers from the award-winning multimedia theatre company The Chameleons Group.

Steve Dixon (UK) is artistic director of The Chameleons Group, a company fusing new technologies and live performance in large-scale works for stage, Internet and CD-ROM. He is Professor of Performance and Technology, and Head of School of Arts at Brunel University, UK.

Mathias Fuchs (Germany) is an internationally-renowned electronic artist who uses and abuses computer-game engines to creatively deconstruct game stereotypes and to translate images, texts and sound objects into spatial structures and navigable virtual spaces.

Paul Sermon (UK) is a leading pioneer of telematic art and performance, bringing remote participants together in shared and immersive telepresent environments. His numerous awards include the Prix Ars Electronica “Golden Nica” for interactive art and the Los Angeles Interactive Media Festival “Sparkey” Award. He is currently leading research in immersive and expanded telematic environments at the University of Salford, UK.

Andrea Zapp (Germany) creates disorientating digital performances mixing real and virtual spaces, mostly using surveillance technology interfaces. She is a Senior Lecturer in Media Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, and has recently edited two books on interactive media arts. She further curated the international exhibition StoryRooms - Interactive Networks Media Art and Installations.

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