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Two identical blue/green-box studios are set up in Salford,
Manchester and Providence, Rhode Island - with matching video camera shots.

The image from Salford is sent to Providence via a broad band Internet connection (using an H.323 videoconference protocol). This image is received in Providence and chroma-key with the other camera image and an additional 3D computer background image. This combined video image of; 1. computer background, 2. Providence audience mid-ground and 3. Salford performer foreground, is then presented on video monitors around the green-box stage in Providence. In order to increase the quality and speed of the system the return image from Providence to Salford is sent without the Salford foreground layer, which is added locally when it is received in Salford and then displayed on monitors surrounding the blue-box stage.
Manchester Metropolitan University Brunel University Salford University Arts Council England